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Machine guns have been one of the most important weapons available to infantry units since the First World War. Even in the era of the automatic rifle, the belt-fed firepower of the machine gun is still of critical importance to foot soldiers. This is especially the case in the rough terrain where India and Pakistan do most of their brushfire fighting, as these places are poorly suited to tanks, artillery, and even bombing.

My father took me to the doctor. When doctor was checking, every part of my both legs were soaring. Doctor told me that both legs have been changed colour. Some parts were red and some parts were blew.

This battle was the cornerstone of Hitler’s domination over Europe. The French capitulated inside 40 days and the much fancied French army lost. In this the audaciousness of Hitler and his generals paid dividend. They put to good use the Schiffilian plan and surprised the French by advancing through the Low Countries. The French army thus had the enemy in its rear. The battle is important for speed and the lightening thrust of the German army that left Hitler as the Master of Europe.

After the British left India in 1947 the activities and all assets at MHOW were taken over by the Join Indian Army. The Army further expanded the facilities at MHOW and at one stage also housed the Army Training Command. The MHOW bazaar is a tribute to the English who patronized this market. In addition the Army continues to maintain an excellent club for officers with a Golf course. Sir Winston Churchill who spent quality time with the Indian Army also was posted at MHOW and his house can still be seen though it is in a dilapidated condition.

Every exam requires proper preparation and adequate amount of knowledge about the subject. It depends on you how you will construct knowledge in your mind because it’s only you who will reproduce it in examination hall. Does not matter from whom you are taking coaching or which teacher provide you instructions, if you are not gaining, all is waste. Remember your efforts will all matter. There is no shortcut to learning, especially in objective exams. You have to put your efforts in understanding each topic clearly and thoroughly.

In 1909 former Japanese Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi was assassinated during a visit to Harbin, China by Korean nationalist An Jung-geun, who was later hanged.

Lansdowne is an old town established in the late 19th century by the British. This gives the town a small British town look with cottages made in the Colonial Era. Many such cottages have been turned to hotels and many hotels have modeled themselves on the style of those cottages giving a traditional look to the area.

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