Exactly What Does It Mean To Be A Green Parent

Although the coil baby mattress is still the most popular type of crib mattress, that does not mean that it is any better than a foam baby mattress. You can find good quality mattresses of both types, but if you are interested in getting a coil baby mattress, here are a few things to look for to make sure you get the best one for your needs.

For at a coil Organic Baby Mattress, check the number of coils. Usually, more coils usually means a firmer mattress. Note that more coils does not necessarily a better mattress as the coils can be made of varying quality of steel.

Your baby needs a slightly firmer mattress and not a super plush and very soft mattress surface. A plusher mattress hampers their flow of movement. They may not be able to move their arms and their legs about.

As you well know, not all mattress are created equal. As humans we are very fussy about what we sleep on. And there isn’t to many things as important to one’s health as proper rest. We realize that this is very important also when it comes to our children, especially our babies. And if our infants don’t sleep well neither do we! But we are talking here about more than just sleeping well. We are talking about sleeping safe.

The lowest spring count that will provide a firm mattress is around 150. With more coils there is less space between them giving more even support. For the same gauge steel, the more coils the firmer the crib mattress. When you are shopping for the baby mattress, press on or squeeze the mattress to get a feel for the firmness.

When we say organic and natural, it means they are without any chemical content. This will ensure that what your baby is using will not harm their health. Most of the ordinary mattresses today contain harsh and harmful chemicals. In fact, those chemicals are the reasons why they are difficult to reuse and recycle. Not even recycling shops accept those mattresses. Going for something organic or natural is like ditching the junk in your child’s food.

Many conventional paints will release toxic chemicals into the rooms. Look for non toxic and zero-voc paints that are milk based, for painting your baby nursery.

I am not going to go into great detail on all the technical stuff here, my point is that providing an organic baby mattress for your infant has never been easier so why continue to make the same un-informed choices so many others have in the past and are still doing? Do the research. There are literally dozens of manufactures now producing quality organic baby mattresses. And if we as parents continue to demand safer, healthier and natural products for our babies other manufactures will climb aboard and things will only get safer for our children.

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